What you need to know when you want to develop a web application

14Sep, 2019

Our current technological business environment has permitted loads of innovations in the web development field. Starting modestly as website and intranet creation, web development now spans various business activities and trying to answer some of the modern day issues a business is facing. For example, web development has a say in real time analytics, purchase and decision making, presentation of goods and services, communication platforms and plenty of proprietary in-house solutions for the company that they are servicing.

So, what do you need to know when starting a web development project?

  1. First of all, try to understand the scope and objective that your particular website or software is trying to answer
  2. Once you have the scope of the project in place, try to define your development milestones and try to come up with some metrics of success for each milestone
  3. Try to understand the prerequisites that might go into your web application: from database integrations, to APIs to CRMs and other marketing platforms that could leverage time and economies of scale through automation
  4. Start by laying out your sitemap, your site design and structure and then your site content
  5. Think about possible additions to your website (functionalities) and try to prioritize them according to your project scope
  6. Depending upon your functionalities palette you can design the specific content that goes on site from a communication perspective (images, text, videos, sounds)

You should now have a first version of your website application.

Before launching it to the greater public, try to get as much feedback as possible on your UI/UX features and processes. This can be easily done through online surveys or even small focus groups to understand the general needs of your target audience. In case those previous research methods cannot be employed, you can always launch it to a small portion of your user base, and analyze their user behavior through various analytics and heatmaps solutions.

If you are looking to develop a website application for your main business or a branch of it , ESAM Agency is your dedicated expert to help you set up your business goals, needs and correlate them with your unique website development project scope, in such a way that your business become highly competitive on its particular market through digital innovation and other unique functionalities.

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