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26Nov, 2019

Before proceeding to your Facebook ads strategy, you should look into creating your Facebook Page. This is essentially a way to showcase your business within the platform. There are multiple types of use for business pages from celebrities’, cause, organizations to brands and businesses. Facebook offers a plentitude of devices for you to manage your page: desktop, mobile and even within their designated Pages Manager App.

Sometimes, Google can even index your Facebook page, which will result in much more visibility for your company over the google results.

According to Facebook, the benefits of holding a page within their platform are:

  • Free : It doesn’t cost you a dime to set up a Facebook page
  • Simple: the process is quite fast forward and intuitive, allowing you to create a page in minutes
  • Versatile: It allows for multiple modes d’employ
  • Connectivity: A simple way to keep in touch with your customers and collect feedback from them
  • Basis for Ads: When creating ads on Facebook, you will need the page under which those are displayed in the different corners of the platform (feed, network, etc.)

The USA social network giant enlists some features available for Page Managers. Please check them below:

  • Showcasing your business: Facebook Page holds under the same profile umbrella information about your business, address, phone number, site, schedule, users, partners and many more
  • You can post organic or paid content posts within your Facebook Page
  • Can receive questions via comments or message section, which entails also automatic messaging
  • A series o free tools can be added to your page, depending upon your organization goals: Events, Jobs, Appointments.
  • Facebook Insights for both organic posts as well as audiences

Facebook recommends to continue growing your community standards through moderate groups on Facebook in which your audience community can develop a sense of togetherness.

Need more details on how Facebook Pages can help you grow your business? Get in touch with our experts.

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