Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can span different business scopes and objectives. ESAM Agency can help you tailor your designated Digital Marketing Transformation through dedicated web development services and software, content strategy that replicates itself in social media and also graphic design innovative solutions for branding and performance campaigns.

Web development

Modern day businesses face various digitalization challenges. ESAM Agency can help your business develop the right software and online solutions for your company to become competitive in the overly cluttered online environment. Our expertise expands from intranets, website development, website structure and layout, website content creation to database creation, implementation and management and server-side support.

Graphic Design

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and here at ESAM Agency we are rightfully aware of the importance of visuals in any type of communication. Be it social media, website content or even standalone campaigns, the creative visual assets make or break the success of a communication strategy.  ESAM Agency can help your business with designated graphic designs or even video content to meet your business needs and plans.

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing has been around from the beginning of the internet, and it’s still employed today. As with any Digital Marketing channel, email marketing has seen various updates and upgrades in terms of use d’employ in business settings. ESAM Agency can help you define your email marketing objectives together with your designated email customer journeys, so that your company sends relevant emails to their database.

Content Strategy

Content is king. When it comes to setting up the basics of your content plan, ESAM Agency can help you align your business goals together with your communication programs. We can help assist with various content pieces for product launches, sustained communications with your existing audiences, and also attracting new audiences for your given product or service offering. When it comes to content, we have a variety of specialists who can take your strategy to the next level.

Social Media

Once we have established the communication pain points in your content strategy, we can look further in disseminating the message across all social channels. Our experts can help you make the desired impact on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and other social platform of your liking. Additional capabilities can help you setup and manage Meetup, Tumblr, Quora, Reddit or even Medium.


Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO for Digital Marketers, has changed the way businesses develop their online operations. ESAM Agency can help you understand where you are currently standing in terms of SEO through extensive auditing your website sitemap, structure, layout, keywords and content relevancy. We can deep dive into the world of on-site SEO or even off-site SEO.


Either you are looking to consolidate your existing portfolio of clients, or even create a buzz around your product and offering, the ESAM Agency’s PPC specialists will help you expand your understanding and capability in the world of pay per click advertising. Our innovative and unique approach to this type of paid advertisements can help your company reach its short term and long-term objectives through various keyword research, market trends and forecasts but also creative assets tailored to your specific campaigns.

Analytics Insight and Recos

The biggest advantage of digital marketing is it’s trackability and measurability in terms of costs control and also revenue streams. ESAM Agency can help you set up your KPIs for each channel or communication need or challenge your business might face, monitor your progress and also implement the resulting insights into your new digital marketing efforts

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