Introduction to Social Media Marketing

14Nov, 2019

For those of you, just starting out on the social media front, the following article could help you understand what social media is, and how can it improve or help your existing market strategy.

By no means of common knowledge, was facebook the first social media network that existed. The very first social network, was launched in 1996, and it was named SixDegrees, and would be more closely related to dating websites, rather than our modern perception of social media.

The major changes that the industry has suffered, were in close relation to their innovative business models, which have put the pay per click model at the top of their source of revenue generation. The incoming cash flow, has helped social media sites extend their user base by far and large and attract new interest in the category by means of developing interesting functionalities and features to keep their users engaged with the platform and its content over extensive periods of time.

Nowadays, we are totally glued to the interactivity provided by social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Pintrest and many others. When such a big time is spend on various specialised social media platforms, it would be a no brainer for companies not to invest part of their marketing budget on social media in order to attract potential new clients or business partners.


Some of the most successful features of social media marketing, it’s its trackability characteristic, which can provide marketeers with much more indepth observations and insights about their potential clients, existing ones or even employees. Given the technological developments from the past decade, most social media sites have innovated their advertising modules allowing more customization and automation in the process.

For example, Facebook ads can be created with certain marketing objectives, have personalised budgets either per day or per campaign period, display different types of assets (video, image, sound, text) in innovative ways (carrousel, story, etc) and most importantly target audience sets based on behaviour, interests and activity within platform.

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