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25Nov, 2019

The last time we have spoken of Social Media, in our  Introduction to Social Media blog post, we have given a general understanding of the social context for businesses and we have explained that Facebook provides a wide range of options for marketers to either promote their business or to grow it organically.

Today we have decided to deep dive into one of the most important tools a marketer will use, namely, audiences and their use in the Facebook platform.

When thinking of investing some money into promoting your business, you must first have a brainstorm with your colleagues, in case there is no marketing department allocated for the process. This brainstorm’s main focus should be understanding each team’s member perception about who your ideal client is. Obviously the opinions will differ from team to team. For example, the sales team might prefer clients who are interrogative and curious, and who have a real problem to solve through your business solution or service. On the other hand, the accounting team might prefer clients who do not ask too many questions but whom in hind sight might proceed to payment ASAP. By bringing together all your existing teams try to understand what makes an ideal client for your company. After you have outlined the particularities of your target audience, you can then proceed to contour your Media Persona, which is basically the synopsis of your teams feedback.

Once you have understood the needs and wants of your core audience, you can than think to employ social media to gather more similar leads.

To setup your Facebook platform you will need to create your Business Facebook Page and install the Facebook Pixel on your website pages.  Some articles will follow up shortly on those topics.

Lets say you have set up everything correctly. Once you access your Business Manager account you can see that Facebook allows you to deep dive into demographics and other interesting attributes for your audience.

This audience learning section is called Audience Insights and can help you understand how to attract new people from within the platform, or people who have already interacted with your page (normally people who have liked/commented on your page) but also CRM insertions of your existing clients (custom audiences).

Audience Insights will cover all aspects from Demographics, Location, Activity but also other pages that your audiences have interacted with. This last feature is great for marketers because they can reach out to those certain pages that complete their business services in order to cross-sell or upsell to their existing userbase.

Another similar favorite is the interest section, where marketers can explore their audiences hobbies, topics of conversation, job affiliations or industry affiliation and plenty more of their preoccupations.

Want to consult one of our experts on the topic of Facebook Audience Insights? Leave us a message in the comments sections below, and we will get in touch with you to discuss your business needs.

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