A/B split tests, what are they?

22Nov, 2019

A/B tests also known as split tests, are a tool to test different UI/UX interfaces on certain site audiences, so that you understand design preferences.

Usually, digital marketeers are very much data driven, rather than emotion driven. When design functionalities are to be added to the website, digital marketeers will always want to understand the impact this has on their core audience.

In our opinion, even the most simple changes, should be subjected to A/B tests. Let’s say you want to verify if your landing page button is most effective in green rather than red. In order to compare and contrast the impact of this change, digital marketeers split test their traffic in more sections. Let’s say that you serve 50% of your traffic the red design version, and the rest of the traffic goes to green. The initial design will bare the name: Control, while the redesign will be reffered to as: Variation.

Given a minimum of two weeks have passed since the start of this test, we asume that we have gathered enough data to compare and contrast the results on a pre-established validity basis. Digital marketeers can then learn which design has had most impact, and if the change has brought any positive effect on the behaviour of their target audience.

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